SKU: OD:Tret-01.

T Shape Cheek Retractor

T Shaped Cheek Retractor / T Type Mouth Opener description and its advantages:

• The instrument is comfortable to use,
• The possibility of sterilization and disinfection,
• The ability to take orthodontic photos with his help,
• Safe removal of the cheek and lips during the procedure.

Simplex hook is made of a handle with a hole, a narrow neck and a concave end. The tip is placed at an angle to the mouth, the lower part can be lubricated so that the use of the retractor becomes less traumatic and more comfortable for the patient. The retractor is used to pull lips and cheeks to the side. The hole (fenestration) in the holder allows you to hook and support the retractor with its help, thanks to which the assistant’s hand does not cover the treatment surface.
Openx retractor and retractor Simplex is made of the highest quality stainless steel, thanks to which it can be sterilized and subjected to disinfection processes. The use of oxidized stainless steel allows you to take orthodontic photos with his help, which is an alternative to disposable stitching.
The Simplex retractor’s edges are smooth, with no sharp edges.
Meets all the requirements for the sterilization procedure in accordance with the Cabinet and Dentistry Regulations.

Technical data:

  • Length: 10.5 cm
  • Tip width: 55 mm
  • Tip height: 15 mm